Safety Seats Save Lives

HUNTINGTON COUNTY – The Indiana State Police investigated a single-vehicle rollover crash in rural Huntington County yesterday morning, wherein the driver, two toddlers, and an infant escaped without injury as a result of proper seatbelt and child restraint systems being utilized.

At approximately 9:50 am, M/Trooper Jason Ward was called to investigate a single-vehicle rollover crash that occurred on Old Fort Wayne Road just north of CR750N, in Huntington County.  Ward’s investigation determined that a silver 2010 Dodge Journey passenger vehicle, driven by Roanoke resident Jill Abbott (31) was traveling south on Old Fort Wayne Road just north of CR750N.  For an unknown reason, Abbott’s vehicle ran off the roadway to the right and impacted a concrete drainage structure, causing the vehicle to roll over several times prior to coming to rest. 

As would be expected, damage to Abbott’s vehicle was extremely extensive, and as Ward pointed out, “normally with these types of rollover crashes we also see serious injury to the vehicle occupants when proper safety restraint systems are not in use. Fortunately with this crash, the combination of the driver wearing her seatbelt and having all three of her children (ages 3, 2, and 7 months) properly restrained in child safety seats, this  family was able to walk away without injury.” 

Assisting Ward at the scene was M/Trooper Don Stoffel, the Huntington County Sheriff’s Department, Parkview EMS (Huntington), and 24/7 Wrecker Service.